Brick Cleaning Conservation

Brick Cleaning Conservation

Brick Cleaning and Soda Blasting in Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, Abergavenny, Newport, Swansea, Bristol, Bath and Swindon.
Covering South Wales and West & South West of England.

I just wanted to share with you some of the amazing work our guys have completed on a listed building using our Soda Blasting technique.

It’s very important that when you clean brick or any masonry that you do not harm the substrate material by using incorrect products or equipment. Hiring a professional soda blasting company to clean your brick work will help avoid damage to your property, that could in turn cost you thousands of pounds if wrong processes or products are used.

APT have been using specialist soda and super-heated steam cleaning for over a quarter of a century to clean and restore building facades, walls, floors and ceilings. We have worked with conservation architects throughout the country. This particular project was overseen by Cadw. For the brick cleaning Cadw had instructed that no water could be used during the cleaning process.

In this project we removed limescale and common debris from the brick, stone and tiled surfaces. We used the soda blasting to remove old varnish and bring the oak doors back to their original state. We then applied a natural wax to the woodwork for protection.

The granite floor was covered in cement which needed to be removed and the floor reinstated to its original condition. As this was a listed building conservation was imperative and therefore APT Soda Blasting services were used again.

The transformation of the facades was quite dramatic with the clients Willmott Dixon being delighted with the outcome of the sensitive brick cleaning, the varnish removal and the cleaning of the granite floor.

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