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The Challenge

To clean the brick masonry, re-point and make masonry repairs. To clean sandstone and marble surfaces and safe graffiti removal from the stone and brick masonry.

The building facade required cleaning and repairs to the stone and masonry brick, the grouting to the brick masonry required removal and re pointing to match the existing mortar colours to the exterior marble and cleaning of the window panels.

There were obstacles regarding constant movement of public and vehicles near the roads and neighboring shops to consider in a busy city street during the working day. These were overcome by implementing a detailed but flexible approach and day to day management.

APT’s Approach

We applied for the required street works permits and scheduled the job to avoid peak times. We erected a portable tower, arranged scaffolding and barrier safety for the work space and pedestrians.

We first applied the APT specialist stone cleaner graffiti remover to the old in bedded graffiti. Due to the nature of the buildings, the stone cleaning required very gentle cleaning to remove all the surface pollutants and grime without causing damage to the substrate. We used a very low blast pressure and a Vortex Nozzle to aid the stone cleaning. We carried out the brick cleaning using low blast pressure and architectural blend blast media. We also cleaned the marble panels using soda blasts granules. The racking of the mortar joints was done with mechanical equipment and the mortar was sourced locally to match the standard London mortar.

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