Soda Blast Cleaning

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Soda Blast Cleaning

Soda blasting is a revolutionary cleaning technology that is not only extremely safe, quick to carry out. Soda blast cleaning is very cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Which is why this non-destructive cleaning process is fast becoming the preferred method for cleaning stone ,stripping paint and removing unwanted surface pollutants or contaminates from an array of surfaces .

We are experts in soda blast cleaning stone and masonry on historical buildings, cleaning war memorials and monuments where sensitive cleaning methods and the right approach is paramount.

How does soda blasting work? It’s very simple.

Using specially formulated granules of natural bicarbonate of soda ( baking powder  )and blasts of controlled volumes of compressed air.  The bicarbonate particles explode or crush on contact with the surface, and this non abrasive action allows it to lift away any contaminates off a surface. It can quickly and safely remove years of built up of pollutants, residues and unwanted coatings from virtually any surface. Soda blast cleaning can be used for both interior and exterior building cleaning, historical buildings and in  industrial engineering to clean components without damage or water.

We can clean stone including sandstone ,bath stone even limestone and marble using low pressure of around just 1 bar  . Our specialist soda blast baking soda granuals is applied through our vortex II spinning blast head .we believe our soda blast cleaning systems are the way to clean brick masonry and all stone surfaces.

Mobile soda blasting services uk

Our highly trained mobile teams use this safe cleaning system to strip timber , all metals including cleaning aluminium  as well as safely for graffiti removal from structural concrete and road structures and buildings .

To find out how to remove graffiti and safely clean and strip paint from metals stone or concrete ,clean brick stains from masonry or just to find out more about the benefits of how soda blast cleaning can help you achieve the best blast cleaning results click here.

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