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At some point, cleaning the stone and masonry of your historic building will become a necessity. If left too long, accumulated grime can lead to damage, especially where it contains corrosive substances such as bird droppings and particulate matter from the burning of fossil fuels.

But natural stone and masonry cleaning requires investment of time and money. By contracting APT, you will have the peace of mind that your heritage building cleaning project is in good hands and that you will get the best possible value for money.

Our years of experience in the property restoration, cleaning and historic building conservation industries has built us a solid reputation for excellence and value for money. APT stone cleaning and restoration services are relied on across the UK by architects, historic buildings environment services, conservationist and building restoration companies. We have worked on some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK and are approved by CADW, the Welsh Heritage Trust.

Natural Stone Cleaning

Stone cleaning chemicals are not always the appropriate solution. Our Eco Soda Blast system will transform your building, restoring it to its former glory – all without causing any damage to the brick or stone work. It can even remove layers of paint that have accumulated over the years, revealing the beauty of the original brick or stone underneath.

We understand that preserving your original brick or stone work is paramount. Our highly trained professionals adjust the Eco Soda Blast stone cleaning equipment and methods to suit the exact needs of each section of your historic building or monument so that even ornate stone work can be cleaned effectively without causing any damage to the surface.

Soda blasting doesn’t work by abrading the surface, as sand blasting or bead blasting would, making it an excellent stone and brick cleaning method.
During soda blasting, crystals of bicarbonate of soda (blasting soda) are fired at the stone or masonry to be cleaned. The crystals shatter and the energy released is transferred to the coating, which then breaks off. The process works from the outside in whereas conventional blasting removes the soiling in one fell swoop and can damage the stone or brick below.

Blasting soda is a soft material (the same hardness as talcum powder and 2.3 on the hardness scale) so once the coating has been removed, it will not abrade the potentially delicate surface of your historic stone work or bricks.
Soda Blasting can be applied wet or dry and at variable pressures from 25psi to 160psi, allowing cleaning to be tailor made for each contract, thus producing the optimum finished results.

Building Cleaning

The uses of our precision soda blasting cleaning methods in refurbishment projects are many and varied these can be applied to commercial and industrial buildings, as well as individual listed and historic properties. The sensitive nature of soda blasting makes it an ideal cleaning method for heritage sites and historical buildings where preservation is essential. We only use high grade soda that is suitable for use on listed buildings.

However, its applications are not limited to exterior masonry. The Eco Soda Blast System can uncover the charm of old interior walls, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of any room or as a method of preparing walls that are to be re-plastered. Controlled surface preparation of metals can be achieved from SA1, 2, 2.5 & 3 cleaning to provide maximum re-coating performance.

We also specialise in cleaning surfaces that have been damaged by fire. Soda blasting will remove the black and toxic residue caused by fire leaving the substrate intact as well as effectively neutralising odours.

Stone and Masonry Restoration

Whatever the nature of your stonework, we have the solution to all of your masonry restoration needs. Simplify your project by calling in APT now – one team will cover everything from cleaning through dismantling to rebuilding. It doesn’t matter whether you need a complex pediment replacing or a decorative soffit skin repairing, our expert stonemasons have it covered!

Soiling on the surface of your stonework can cause damage and hide underlying problems. It must be removed carefully in order to avoid your stonework restoration costs spiraling out of control due to damage caused by inappropriate cleaning. The preservation of historic stonework is of paramount importance to us; we believe that soda blasting is the best cleaning method to use in order to avoid such damage to sensitive surfaces and delicate carved surfaces.

After cleaning, your masonry will be dismantled with extreme care – each piece will labelled, numbered and stacked in sequence. Your stonework will be rebuilt with the same care, using appropriate traditional materials such as lime mortar. We will re-use as much of your original stonework as possible to ensure authenticity is maintained.

Soda blasting is now recognised as one of the only safe methods to effectively clean and remove the following from your stonework prior to restoration:

  • Carbon Residues
  • Lime & Cement Based Paints
  • Paint Residues
  • Some Oil Based Paints
  • Bitumen
  • Lime Scale
  • Carbon Pollution
  • Smoke Residues Grime & Dirt
  • Copper Staining
  • Bronze Staining
  • Iron Stains
  • Effervescence
  • Paint Coatings
  • Graffiti
  • Bird or Vermin Fouling
  • Algae, Moss, Fungi
  • Other Biological Matter
  • Wax Coatings
  • Soot
  • Calcium Deposits
  • Oxide Residues Mould
  • Grease and Oil
  • Stone Cleaning and Restoration Experts

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