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Masonary & Stone Repair
As with all repairs and renovations we know it’s of vast importance to be sympathetic to the building. Our specialist stonemasons carry out all aspects of repair, restoration and conservation. It goes without saying that we work with extreme caution in all areas of dismantling and re-construction.

We can use purpose handmade new bricks or selected reclaimed bricks where available. Brickwork restoration and repairs and replacement works can be performed on a range of brickwork, from plain faced bricks to decorative moulded detailed bricks.

In other cases, with older buildings, the masonry may be constructed from stone or bricks which are no longer available in mass production. We can arrange for specifics to be drawn up and identical matches to be manufactured.

Masonry needs to be dismantled with extreme caution, with every individual piece being numbered before being labelled and stacked in sequence.

Our specialist service covers straight forward bricklaying, specialist dismantling and re-building, carving new or old complex pediments and soffit skins to arched or vaulted masonry. Re-pointing using traditional mortars like lime mortar re-pointing.

Stone repair services – often require special lime based mortar pointing or lime rendering

Lime Mortar Pointing aids conservation of the property and has been used over many centuries in historic building.  This method of pointing and rendering is a far more beneficial product to use than modern mortars. Unlike lime mortar, modern mortars allow the build up of harmful salts which are often the cause of deterioration to the fabric of a building; seen via spalling in bricks and stone. In our knowledgeable opinion Lime Mortar Pointing and lime rendering should always be usedespecially for longevity.

Lead Work

Our skilled craftsmen specialist in lead work roofing and we cover all aspects of flashing and roofing as well as ornate decorative features.

You can read more about APT and the other cleaning services we provide by visiting the APT-ICC website by clicking here.

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