Commercial Dilapidations


Why is soda blasting used in Commercial Dilapidations?

Dilapidations arise when a commercial building, like an office block or a factory or retail unit needs to be repaired following general wear and tear or  in some instances, minor structural alterations. Usually, it’s up to the tenant to ensure the property is handed back to the landlord in a good state of repair as a part of the schedule of works outlined in the lease.

Sometimes there are disputes about who is responsible for the repairs so it is always advisable for both the landlord and the tenant to seek the advice of a professional when drawing up the schedule of works.

Use soda blasting to clean all brick masonry to remove staining and graffiti paints, strip metal and clean concrete surfaces. The best mobile blast systems can quickly remove oxidised paint and clean cladding .clean aluminium and stainless steel metal work Clean and restore stone metal work and degrease concrete and painted floors

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