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What Is The Secret Of Soda Blasting for Industrial Cleaning?

Conventional blasting methods rely on brute force which is indiscriminate and can damage the substrate, it is the velocity and the mass of the particles of the medium that count. This necessitates high pressures which can damage delicate surfaces and warp thin panels.
Soda blasting requires the crystals to travel at high velocity, however they shatter on impact. This releases the extra energy required to disrupt the bonding to the substrate. The quantity of energy released is insufficient to damage delicate surfaces, since the blasting pressure is lower there is less chance of warping for example thin metal sheets.

The Benefits Of Soda Blasting

The blast medium is sodium bicarbonate, which is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, water soluble and environmentally friendly.

Its softness guarantees that delicate surfaces will not be harmed during the blasting process, unlike with traditional blast media. It has a hardness of 2.5 on Moh’s scale which means that it is too soft to scratch glass, etch metal, and damage rubber or plastics. It also has an additional cost saving benefit as you don’t need to protect or remove components from machinery or from areas adjacent to the cleaning.

At pH 8.5, it is classed as a weak alkali which means that it deals easily with hydrocarbon deposits such as oils and greases. You benefit from saved money and time as cleaned surfaces are then ready for re-coating with no further operations required.

In addition, sodium bicarbonate passivated steel from rusting – freshly cleaned steel surfaces will therefore remain untarnished and ready for re-coating. Compare that with traditional cleaning methods in which steel surfaces begin to rust soon after cleaning is completed.

What Is Soda Blasting Good For?

> Component degreasing and cleaning – solvent-free preparation of surfaces to the highest standards

> Plant and equipment cleaning – soda blasting can be safely used on food production lines and in food preparation areas as well as degreasing production line and other machinery

> Rust removal – removes surface staining and rust from iron and steel

> Storage tank and tank area cleaning – removal of chemical and oil spills from tank bodies, pipework, walls and floors

> Industrial surface preparation on plant and machinery – removes unwanted paint coatings ready for recoating or painting

> Fire and flood damage restoration – rapidly removes harmful smoke residues and neutralises the smells

The list is by no means exhaustive so if you have an industrial coating removal, stripping or degreasing task, soda blasting could be the best solution.

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