Newport Castle

Client Details – Cadw Wales Heritage The Challenge

To carry out soda blasting to remove graffiti from the historical stone surfaces of Newport castle ,the king’s chamber. We were carrying out the cleaning only after approval of the Cadw senior conservation officer, Richard Turner.

APT’s Solution

We were called in to assist at short notice due to the castle being named as part of the name visitor centres during the pending 2010 Ryder cup golf tournament at the Celtic manor.

We used the soda blasting method to remove the graffiti using a Vortex II Blast Head and just 1 bar air pressure in order to remove the hardened aged graffiti from the stone and sand stone to achieve the desired finish without damaging the stone surface.

What our clients said

Richard Turner – Cadw Senior Conservation Officer

“Richard turner and his team were so impressed at the capabilities of the machine, he granted us authority to be used on the Cadw site throughout Wales as and when required. Opus international consultants, who were the Cadw consultants, sent a memorandum to all its offices to confirm inclusion on any job specification drawn on behalf of their client Cadw, where surface cleaning was recommended or required.”

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