Grit And Shot Blasting

Grit blasting is often referred to as shot blasting. These systems are very similar in process and application, but it’s the blast cleaning media that is different.

Using a variety of blast cleaning media such as grit, shot, hard garnet blasting or aluminium oxide blast cleaning, our service teams carry out all grit and shot blast cleaning tasks on industrial surfaces which can involve stripping paint or other unwanted coatings and preparing surfaces to allow for new surface coatings or paint to be applied. We are highly experienced and regularly work nationwide across most industrial engineering and marine sectors on bridge structures and restoration projects.

The blast cleaning application is a refined process depending on the surface, the environment and the equipment required.

Shot blasting of floors requires the use of a specialist floor blasting machine that uses steel balls to blast and strip concrete floor substrates

1 – first survey the project and consult with our clients to ensure we have a complete understanding of the requirements and the desired outcome.

2 – offer our clients the safest most cost effective cleaning medium. Recently the use of soda blast cleaning is being more requested and proposed as a safer alternative to grit blasting or sand blasting.

Where this is the case, soda blast cleaning is often far more environmentally acceptable and far safer with less risk and ideal for surface cleaning and stripping.

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3 – then select the correct media to remove the unwanted build up or surface coating, taking in to account the working environment and the coatings (if any) to be subsequently applied to ensure the ideal finish standard that is suitable for adherence of the new coating.

Soda blast cleaning is far less ruthless and is ideally suitable for reducing the additional cost of re layering several high build base coatings in their case of paint finishes thus saving on extra labouring costs during following preparation

We can work to blasting standards SA 2, SA 2.5 & SA 3 depending on the specification and also carry out a brush off (flash) blast SA 1 to remove light rusting.

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