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Soda blasting is usually associated with the conservation and preservation of historic monuments and heritage buildings but did you realise that it is available to you as a homeowner or property developer?

The specially blended blast media used in our micro blast systems allow us to achieve fantastic results for the removal of unwanted coatings including paint, varnish, algal staining on render etc. Our range of blasting sodas have chemically the same base as baking soda that is used in cooking, food processing and toothpaste; therefore you can be rest assured that it is safe to use around children and pets.

APT mobile micro soda blasting teams are available for residential property renovation or refurbishment project. Soda blasting is the efficient and environmentally friendly method for tough external and internal building cleaning tasks like:

• Paint stripping, varnish removal including multi-layered thick coatings and graffiti
• Efflorescence and staining cleaning including algae from bricks, render and stonework
• Removing rust from guttering, down pipes, wrought iron fencing, gates and other fixings
• Cleaning off adhesive and bonding agents
• Getting rid of unsightly lime scale deposits

It doesn’t matter what surface lies beneath these unwanted coatings, it will not be damaged.

Whilst soda blasting is a form of abrasive cleaning, it only has an impact upon the surface contaminant and leaves the substrate intact. Unlike other harsh methods of blast cleaning such as shot blasting and the now banned sandblasting, the media used in APT micro eco soda blasting has a hardness comparable to talcum powder.

So even if you live in an old house with delicate stonework or brickwork needing careful preservation, paint removing from glass or wood stripping, we have the skills and equipment to deal with it without harming your home.

Some examples of residential restoration work we have carried out are:

• Removal of paint and varnish to reveal the original beautiful brickwork and stonework or wood beneath
• Wood beam restoration
• Renovation of interior stone features such as granite worktops and marble fire surrounds
• Cleaning stone floors and patios
• Cleaning ceramic tiles
• Solvent free paint stripping from wood, uPVC and metal window and door frames
• Renovation of both internal and external delicate architectural features in period properties
• Removal of unsightly rust staining and stripping old paintwork from wrought iron gares and railings
• Cleaning of concrete surfaces such as dirty garage floors
• Removal of exterior and interior efflorescence without damaging the brickwork

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Render Cleaning

If your home has been rendered, you may be tempted to smarten it up from time to time with a coat of masonry paint. Where the paint is flaking and has come away from the render, brick or stone soda blasting is ideal for this situation. It keys the surface so that new paint can be applied easily.

Wooden Beam and Paneling Restoration

This has to rate amongst one of the worst renovation tasks – sanding down and scraping wooden beams or intricate panels to remove paint, varnish or staining. Hiring APT mobile micro residential blast cleaning services will not only enable your job to be completed in far less time, it will be a lot less painful and less tedious too!

Sanding and scraping removes not only the unwanted coating but also some of the wood below and usually there are traces of the paint or varnish left behind in corners, next to ridges and in grooves. Soda blasting removes only what you want removing, penetrating those areas that are unreachable using traditional methods, leaving the beams or panels undamaged and looking great.

Fans of Channel 4’s Grand Designs episode in which the Tenby lifeboat station was turned into a modern home will have seen us in action. You can read the full case study elsewhere on this website, along with the other residential jobs we have carried out.

Residential Fire and Flood Damage Restoration Work

If your home has been unfortunate enough to suffer fire or flood damage, soda blasting is the ideal way to clean up afterwards. Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate crystals as the blast medium, the same substance as in baking powder. This is well known for its deodorising properties so not only will soda blast cleaning remove staining and charring, it helps to remove the smoke smell and odours from mould or flood water residues.

If you are renovating a former pub or changing it into a family home, employing an APT soda blasting team to remove the tar and nicotine will remove not only the contamination but also diminish the smell.

Property Developers

We appreciate your need for a cost-effective service that will not delay your residential renovation project. Soda blast cleaning can also be used to remove loose mortar jointing and expose structural defects quickly and efficiently, saving hours of manual labour.

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