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Soda Blasting is now used widely throughout the UK for graffiti removal and is classed as the safest, quickest method to achieve outstanding results on all surfaces.

Why should you remove graffiti as quickly as possible?

Graffiti has become a scourge of modern day life affecting cities and towns throughout the country. Graffiti is not only unsightly but is often offensive in nature and needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively. As soon as graffiti appears on a surface it can rapidly become a ‘graffiti hot spot’ thus escalating the problem. Fast removal of graffiti helps prevent re-occurrence as graffiti artists will not waste their efforts if they know their work will be short lived. Soda blast graffiti cleaning will quickly and safely remove graffiti from public areas including parks, monuments, car parks, trains, train stations, bus shelters, public buildings, historic buildings to name a few.

Why are solvents not always the best method for graffiti removal?

Conventional methods using graffiti removers mean applying solvents to the surface this can prove to be hazardous, expensive, time consuming and challenging as some graffiti removal products do not always achieve the desired finish. Solvents and paint strippers turn the paint into liquid allowing the pigment from the paint to leach further into the surface making it impossible to separate the colour from the aggregate. Sand blasting (now an illegal process) would tear into the substrate and severely damage the surface where the graffiti had been. Some anti-graffiti systems simply do not work.

Soda blasting provides a fast, safe, environmentally friendly alternative for cleaning graffiti and paint without the use of harmful chemicals in open public spaces. Not only is soda blasting more cost effective and environmentally friendly than other graffiti cleaning methods, it will not damage the underlying substrate. Our Soda blast graffiti removal services leave the surface clear of graffiti and immediately ready for anti graffiti paint.

Safely cleaning graffiti from historic buildings and monument

All too often, managers of historic buildings and scheduled monuments are faced with the problems of graffiti removal. The stonework, brickwork or finely carved architectural features are considerably more delicate than vehicles or modern buildings so if you use conventional graffiti removal techniques, you run the risk of damaging the surface below and, unlike soda blasting, it could take several visits for complete graffiti removal.

Because it is so gentle on the substrate, soda blasting is the perfect solution for the removal of graffiti from heritage buildings and monuments.

But it is not just stone edifices that can be cleaned of graffiti, it is perfectly safe for use on statues and plaques made from metal and is effective on wood too – ideal for cleaning off an attack made on a Tudor façade or cruck house.

All it takes to restore your building or monument to its original condition is to call out an APT soda blast team – we have removed graffiti from castles, monuments and many other heritage sites.

How to benefit from the best graffiti removal services

We are a professional graffiti removal company and our soda blast experts are highly trained and understand that different substrates require different solutions and offer a free no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements.

Soda Blast will effectively remove graffiti from almost any type of surface including concrete, stone, brick, marble, tiles, fiber glass, metal, wood and even glass without harming the surface material.

For advice on removing graffiti, please call one of our experts on 0800 0723 773, where they be very happy to help.

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