Grant for War Memorials

Britain has a tragic past of lives lost in war. These lives are remembered and commemorated across the country by a number of different war monuments and memorials. Each one tells the story of how a particular community was affected by war, and serves as a constant reminder to give thanks to those that gave their lives for this country.

Each war memorial is unique, and has usually served as a gathering point at such times like Armistice day, bringing people together to pay tribute and respect.

A large number of war memorials in Britain were erected soon after the first and second world wars, which means a lot of them are almost 70 or 80 years old. Unfortunately, this means that many memorials have fallen in to a state of disrepair or degradation, stemming from age, as well as other factors that come from modern life, such as pollution, bustling city centres, graffiti, and moss or algae.

It is important to maintain these important monuments at all locations across the country, and it is worth thinking about a restoration service in order to bring these memorials back to life, and let them shine at the centre of each community. Each memorial is usually unique to each community, and can vary wildly in shape and size, which can mean that the price for restoration can too.

How can we help you to maintain and clean or restore war memorials and historic memorials ?

Grants for War Memorials

To aid in the restoration of any war memorial, APT have developed a partnership with Cadw that can offer war memorial service trust grants to local areas to help fund the cleaning, repair, or restoration of any war memorial. Through this grant, local authorities or councils can receive 70% of the eligible restoration costs from Cadw (up to £10,000), and could also receive an additional 15% of project costs (up to £2,500).

This scheme is extremely beneficial for all communities, and it could meant that war memorials across the country can be prevented from falling in to disrepair, always remaining as a poignant reminder of each war.

To find out more information about war memorial grants, you can visit the Cadw website here.

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