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What are Torik Steam cleaning, Doff Cleaning & APT Hot box Super Heated Steam Cleaning Systems used for?

Doff and Torik from Tensid super heated steam cleaning are known for using a heated steam unit system for use on stone and brick surfaces to clean and remove grime and unwanted deposits without damaging the host material. It uses the low pressure high steam units of up to over 120 °C to help remove pollutants and unwanted surface contaminants along with some non gloss paints from stone, masonry and cleaning building cladding.

What are these cleaning systems best used for?

The super heated steamed water quickly removes algae, kills moss and other unsightly organisms whilst the steam also is used to destroy the growth spores, reducing the need for chemical cleaners and retarding the re growth. Cleaning stone and masonry with super heated steam allows the surface to dry quickly. The Doff cleaning systems and other well known steam cleaning avoids the use of high pressure jetting where water droplets are forced and driven in to any porous surface which can become frozen in harsh winter periods causing spalling of brick masonry or stone in later years. It is also used to remove some paints from historic render, brick, masonry and architectural stone.

APT have recently launched a new line of its version of super heated low water pressure high steam cleaning system, we call it simply the Hot box. It was designed by our site operatives and engineers and they believe it has all the attributes of similar systems such as the doff stone cleaning system, torik and other known steam cleaning systems but comes with added higher steam values for effective stone and brick cleaning, extra control allowing a more stable and consistent delivery of steam over longer hose runs. The hot box super heated steam cleaning system can deliver even better more consistent results than other systems.

Many well respected conservation architects and building surveyors throughout the UK are now seeing the benefits of the hot box system and there clients look forward to receiving lower costs too due to the improved delivery of our latest steam cleaning system.

Hot box steam cleaning certainly cuts down on labour service costs giving more options for existing clients as well as the new clients who have yet to see the new hot box in action.

What can – Hot box, Doff or Torik steam cleaning systems be used for?

To safely remove all ingrained surface contaminates and stained or ground in deposits of airborne pollutants from

  • Cleaning all stone surfaces including marble
  • Restoring masonry and brick cleaning
  • Remove light calcium staining
  • Remove some paints and most graffiti
  • Remove bitumen and wax coatings
  • Kill and remove moss, fungi and algae
  • Fire damage residues
  • Cleaning all metals including aluminium
  • Roof cleaning and bird fouling
  • Commercial cladding cleaning

Use Super Heated Steam Cleaning for gentle historical cleaning and restoration projects stone cleaning of sandstone, bath stone, York stone, safe cleaning of all masonry brick cleaning and restoring masonry to ensure the base substrate is left fully intact.

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