Case Study – War Memorial Cleaning Service – Restoration

War Memorial Cleaning Service – Restoration
Client Details
Llangefni Town Hall Anglesey
The Challenge

As part of our war memorial cleaning service we restore and maintain monuments throughout the UK. To restore and clean all stone and marble war memorials, easily removing several decades of pollutants, grime and weathered staining .We were recently recently carrying out project works on the isle of Anglesey Cleaning and restoring three memorials for Llangefni Town Council. We were very proud to have been part of the cleaning and restoration of these monuments which will stand out for many years to come.

Please let us help you clean and restore more historical monuments and historic war memorials for future generations.

Remove algae growth and kill moss on pathways.

Remove graffiti from stone to enhance visual appearance.

Apply coating to give protection and enhance long term appearance.

APT’s Solution

We carried out a survey with the client management and conservation team and discussed the various options and approach to the job. We liaised with local authority to coordinate the access and working process to avoid public and traffic disruption.

We delivered a project plan and fixed cost proposal to the client.

We hired in the specialised lift access equipment and scheduled the works.

We carried out blast cleaning, using the APT soda blast cleaning media, to remove the heavy staining and clean the stone surfaces.

We used soda blast cleaning media to clean the marble statue and intricate carvings.

We applied the algae remover chemical product where required to kill algae and moss from the pathways and surfaces.

We used the hot steam low pressure hot box steam system to carefully remove the algae and moss from the affected areas.

We used the APT graffiti gel to clean graffiti from affected areas.

What our client said

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