Case Study – Corus Hot Mill Furnaces

Hot Mill Furnaces, Newport
Client Details – Corus Steel
The Challenge

To answer an emergency call to remove a fire risk at the Corus Hot Mill Furnaces.

The emergency was caused by a burst in the heavy oil pumping systems which sprayed hundreds of gallons of liquid heavy oils around the cellar basements covering the whole building structure and all the pump stations, pipe work and live electrical cables/ ducting. Excess oils were quickly flowing towards the water drainage systems and the red hot scale debris from the furnaces above was pouring into the cellars near to the spillage. This was a potentially lethal situation and the costs of a lengthy shut down due to the damage caused could run into the millions of pounds.

APT’s Solution

The client contacted APT to attend the site and the company responded by dispatching a fully equipped and specialist trained response team.

APT, after agreement with the client’s fire and safety department, set up a safe working barrier area and the drainage systems were sealed off using specialist materials. We then redirected the flooding oil, diverting it away from the dangerous heated debris and the area safe.

We then put together a plan of remedial actions and cleaning processes to bring the affected areas back up to the required safe standard. This plan and recommendations were approved by the heath fire department and the Corus fire and safety department and we then carried it through.

We used soda blasting non sparking dry blast system for the sensitive cable tray and cabled areas to avoid the use of any water ingress. We used a combination of Mectar citrus degreaser, high powered jetting and floor scrubbing equipment to renovate the floors and gangways.

The Result

The in house team believed that to replace all of the localised apparatus, electrical components and the significant rebuilding works would have resulted in over £250,000 for direct replacements and further significant loss of production and down time. The costs for the production losses would have been in the millions.

Saving achieved by APT for client: £200,000 – Direct damage costs with only 2 day loss in production

What our client said

This fast action was recognised by the client’s fire and safety department officer John Bevan who said APT were instrumental in preventing huge losses to equipment, production and environmental contamination.

Mr Sid Petit, health and safety offer, was highly impressed at the way in which we managed the situation and had this to say:-

“We have been using APT for some time and I can say nothing better than outstanding yet again. They have been quick to respond, offered positive solutions and taken the right action to deliver a safe working environment. They offer an all round competent package and we are glad to have them as our support for running our operation.”

Sid Petit – Health and Safety Officer

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