Case Study – Travel Lodge Newport

Travel Lodge, Newport

Client Details – DTZ Property Management

The Challenge

To remove all algae and kill moss from the exterior, clean k-rend and redecorate.

Remove algae growth from the compound areas and kill moss on pathways.

Remove graffiti from the brick masonry to enhance the visual appearance.

Clean off steel structure canopies and clean the cladding.

There were obstacles regarding the constant movement of traffic and public in a very busy city centre. We had to coordinate a very tight schedule of works to meet the highways traffic management and local authority’s requirements during the working day. These were overcome by implementing a detailed but flexible approach and out of hours working.

APT’s Solution

We carried out a full property survey with the client management team and discussed the various options and approach to the job. We carried out a test sample area to remove the algae from the k render panel.

We liaised with the highways teams and local authority to coordinate the access and working process to avoid public and traffic disruption.

We delivered a project plan and fixed cost proposal to the client.

We hired in the specialised lift access equipment and scheduled the works.

We applied the algae remover chemical product.

We used the hot steam low pressure hot box steam system to carefully remove the algae and moss from the k render surfaces.

We used algae free to clean the steel cladding and other surfaces to remove the algae, diluted at 15 parts with water.

Soda blast cleaning was used to remove graffiti from the brick masonry and APT’s graffiti gel to clean graffiti from the steel cladding.

We treated the pathways to remove moss after treating it with high pressure jet washing.

We delivered the project to the standard that was required by the client.

We carried out commercial paint works to redecorate various external surfaces, we treated it with appropriate primers, undercoat and top coat paints in colours to match the existing finish.

What our client said

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