Residential Property Pontypool

Residential Property, Pontypool
Client Details – Private
The Challenge

To carry out urgent removal of paint from the stone and masonry as well as brick cleaning of the residential house.

APT’s Solution

We were called to remove the graffiti after someone had sprayed graffiti over parts of the residential house.

We suggested the best solution was to clean the whole of the house in order to attain a consistent ascetic finish.

We used the soda blasting method to remove the pollutant using a Vortex II Blast Head and just 1.5 bar air pressure to remove the hardened graffiti from the stone and engineered brick face  to achieve the desired finish.

What our client said

Andrew Williams – Private Client

“Thank you for your professionalism whilst carrying out a difficult task in bad weather. I would be happy to recommend APT soda blasting services”

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