Sand Blasting

Using a variety of kiln dry sand blast cleaning media or grit, such as hard Garnet and aluminium oxide, mixed with compressed air to clean off and strip paint and other unwanted coatings from hard woods and metals and some stone, it is now much more effective and safe to use blast cleaning methods and blast media to carry out these tasks. There are far less risks and it is a much more controlled cleaning process to use. The best alternative blast cleaning process is to use soda blast cleaning, which is the most accepted method to clean across most industrial engineering, marine and bridge and metal restoration projects.

APT work with all blast cleaning media and are widely experienced in working in all industrial situations. Our onsite blast cleaning services are carried out nationwide.

We use the most up to date cleaning equipment and techniques to help our clients find the ideal blast cleaning application for their projects.

We always offer the most effective cleaning application to achieve the best blast cleaning results as part of our service and we will take into account any follow on surface treatment.

In most cases, the best cost effective safe cleaning method is to use of soda blast cleaning. It is now the most requested and proposed as a safer alternative to grit blasting or sand blasting

Soda Blast Cleaning is far more environmentally acceptable and far safer during application with less risk of silicoses and less hazardous residues to clean up or dispose of. Soda blast cleaning is the best blast cleaning system for surface cleaning and stripping.

To find out more about the benefits of how soda blast cleaning can help you achieve the best blast cleaning results click here.

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