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25 years

Soda Blast Cleaning Services – serving the whole of the UK.

So why use our soda blast cleaning services ?

We have extensive commercial and industrial experience and unrivaled knowledge in the use of this new technology, having been in the industry for over 25 years working on many sensitive historical buildings and monuments, as well as industrial, commercial buildings and highway structures.

We at APT are passionate about providing safe, effective mobile blast cleaning solutions which is why we use soda blast cleaning as the preferred method wherever possible. Soda blasting is a non-destructive, environmentally friendly, chemical free cleaning process using specially formulated natural organic media of eco blast media baking powder and controlled amounts of compressed air to produce outstanding cleaning results on almost any surface.

Our Micro Precision – Blast Cleaning Systems

Are the choice of highly respected conservation architects for some of the most prestigious historical buildings in the UK. Working in association with Cadw the Welsh Heritage Trust, NHS,  Carillion, Opus consulting,   Many Housing Associations and Local Authorities, Blue chip Engineering companies BAE Systems and Doncaster’s, to name just a few who have seen the best cleaning results using our mobile blast cleaning service .

We can show you how to safely blast clean stone , all brick and masonry , our soda blasters can quickly remove paint from wood and metals  including aluminium , remove graffiti and other unwanted coatings without damage to the host material

We will choose the best blast cleaning method to suit your application.

Our Mission – To Preserve

  • To give a friendly, effective, professional service
  • To provide environmentally friendly, cost effective cleaning solutions
  • To work carefully with pride and with respect for your property
  • To minimise on-site time disruption
  • To ensure a safe working environment

Let us help you to find the right solution to clean stone and brick masonry, remove graffiti, strip paint, wood and metal surfaces, or remove unwanted coatings, grime and other pollutants.

 “The superior finish left by soda blasting saved us days of skilled labour therefore costs too. We found that the APT Soda blaster far outweighed any other methods we considered, in terms of time, costs, finish and its environmental properties; there was absolutely no comparison at all. I am a convert now and will definitely use APT Sodablast again for all architectural buildings I work on.”

Dave Nicollas – Burleigh Church – Site Manager  

A faster, greener, safer Blast Cleaning Service with APT Eco Soda Blasting Systems

APT are a Specialist commercial cleaning and restoration company. We can assess, specify and carry out almost any cleaning application. If you want to know more about our cleaning division please click here.

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