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Structures large and small are an important part of our country’s great historical past and give knowledge and understanding to generations that follow. Over the years, pollution from the air plus moss and lichen build up on the stonework of monuments meaning that they will need cleaning at some point. The cleaning and restoration of these historical monuments is a vital part of preserving our UK heritage.

However, monument cleaning is a specialist area – much harm can be caused if stone cleaning is not carried out properly. As a manager needing to clean a scheduled ancient monument, one of the biggest problems you face is to decide whom you can trust to clean the monuments in your care without causing damage.

And that’s where APT come in…

Our Heritage Stone Restoration Pedigree

APT are specialists in the restoration, preservation and conservation of historical monuments. Major conservation groups, conservation architects and surveyors. Leading authorities including Cadw Welsh Heritage and English Heritage have also benefited from our stone and masonry cleaning services. Our highly experienced and skilled teams are familiar working with the wide variety of surfaces and sensitive materials which make up the war memorials and historic monuments found throughout the UK. APT work particularly closely with organisations. Did you know that there are grants available? To view these grants available and how you can access them, visit the Cadw (Welsh Heritage Trust) website.

Monument Cleaning Equipment And Techniques

To restore and preserve these structures we use the same cutting-edge stone cleaning and masonry restoration techniques and equipment as for listed building restoration and renovation including:

Doff and Hot Box Super-Heated Steam Cleaning
Soda Blast Cleaning
Torc Cleaning
Poultice Cleaning
• Chemical Cleaning (where required)

Having the right tools and the latest equipment at our disposal enables us to carry out restoration of all stone surfaces to pristine condition including delicate materials such as marble, limestone, sandstone, all masonry including historic bricks and all metals including bronze statues.

For all sensitive surface cleaning of stone and masonry to remove staining, dirt and other atmospheric pollution, surface contaminants (including unwanted paint coatings or graffiti) we use our Vortex II Spinning Blast Bead for either wet or dry applications. APT uses this on all brick and stone surfaces including York stone, sandstone, Portland stone, and all marble and terrazzo. We safely use Soda Blast Cleaning to clean all metal monuments including bronze and brass statues.

Doff cleaning, Hot Box and Torik Super Heated low water pressure high steam temperature cleaning systems are used to clean stone and masonry. They are particularly effective when used to remove organic growth, such as moss, algae and lichens from surfaces without the use of chemicals as the high temperatures kill any spores, inhibiting the start of re-growth.

Stone Restoration Using Chemical Methods

Stone and Poultice Cleaner is used for super sensitive cleaning applications to draw out the surface contaminants.

We have also developed an Eco friendly range of safe chemical cleaning solutions and treatments to assist where required on cleaning applications for all surface types here.

You can read more about APT and the other cleaning services we provide by visiting the APT-ICC website at and also fire and flood remediation for further information.


Graffiti Removal

Unfortunately, monuments and statues become a target for graffiti artists and the sooner it is removed the less chance there is for further attack. Soda Blasting is classed as the safest, quickest method to achieve outstanding results on all surfaces. Find out How to remove graffiti safely?

Blast Cleaning Services

Blast cleaning is a broad term used to describe a number of different processes used in the field of listed building renovation and restoration. The process can involve both dry and wet blasting using different grades and types of blast cleaning media.

APT use all blast cleaning media materials and are widely experienced, working in all industrial and commercial situations and historical building restoration programmes. With over 25 years of industry knowledge we are able to advise and carry out any aspect of blast cleaning. Our blast cleaning service will advise you on the best method of application and the correct blast media to ensure optimum results and achieve the desired finish.

All of our operatives are fully trained and are responsible for implementation of all health and safety and CDM regulations of construction and engineering procedures. Our on-site service teams regularly carry out specialist blast cleaning during and out of hours, or weekend working to accommodate our clients’ individual needs.

Other Building Cleaning Services

We also have a number of other building cleaning services available to our customers and clients which include:

K-Rend and Render Cleaning
High Level Cleaning
Commercial Painting

You too can benefit from our heritage stone restoration services by calling 0800 0723 773 NOW for no-obligation chat or quote with our stone cleaning customer service team.

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