Doff, Hot Box & Torc Stone Cleaning Systems

Why use APT Micro Soda Blast Cleaning System verses steam cleaning Doff, Hot Box and Torc Systems?

25 years

APT’s New hot box super heated steam cleaning system is fast becoming the new leader in cleaning of stone and masonry. For over 30 years, we have established ourselves as specialist in the cleaning and restoration industry. We use the latest technologies in equipment and materials to enable us to stay ahead of the market whilst producing the highest levels of results and finishes for our clients. We have vast experience and understanding of all stone surface & brick cleaning methods as well as safe blast cleaning applications including superheated steam cleaning such as, torick, hot box and doff cleaning systems, Jos and Torc cleaning. Where some of earlier alternatives listed have produced excellent finishes in the past and still have their place, they are very limited in the use and applications compaired to the new micro soda blast precision cleaning and APT’s new hot box super heated steam stone cleaning systems from APT.

APT still use these some of these system where and if required however, most conservation architects, surveyors and planners who are familiar with NEW APT Eco Micro Blast System favor its use when working on sensitive projects such as historic building structures or finishes, commercial and residential property renovations cleaning commercial buildings and renovating residential properties. Engineering plants, commercial shipping yards, boat and yacht projects and transport authorities prefer the system too.


We at APT are passionate about providing safe, effective solutions which is why we use soda blasting wherever possible as it is a non-destructive, environmentally friendly, chemical free cleaning process using specially formulated natural organic media of eco blast media and controlled amounts of compressed air.

APT Eco Micro Soda Blast System

is by far the quickest, safest and most cost effective method of cleaning and removing residues and coatings from virtually any surface without damaging the base substrates. It has been widely used throughout the UK as the preferred method for cleaning and restoring buildings and structures.

We use a our own specialist range of blended eco friendly, natural organic compounds to deliver outstanding finishes on almost any surface either wet or dry and at very safe low pressures of just 0.5 bar. Our equipment is of the highest quality and durability to comply with European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC also known as the PED.

Using the latest Vortex II blast head we can operate cold, either wet or dry on a wide range of surfaces including all stone, masonry, metalwood and even fiberglass using  precise metering of the cleaning media with our Eco soda having a hardness scale of just 2.4, similar to talcum powder.

NB: Most alternative systems such as Thermatech (a superheated high pressure steam cleaner ideally for removing masonry paints from walls and also cleaning algae and pollution stains.). Also other systems such as Doff steam cleaning, Tencid or Torc are limited to using only the steam or Calcite 130 blast media which has a hardness of around 4.0 as the apparatus will not facilitate the use of eco soda blast media.  

Our Eco Micro Blast System has been the choice for cleaning some of the most prestigious historical buildings in the UK, working in association with Cadw the Welsh Heritage Trust, Landmarc, Carillion, Opus, Overbury, Willmott Dixon, Cardiff City Council, many housing associations, BAE systems and Doncasters engineering to name a few.

We have a total commitment to site safety; all out operators are trained to the highest standards and are fully aware of current health & site safety policies and CDM Regulations. Our operators can deal with all variances in material and site logistics.

APT is an environmentally focused company and we always offer our clients the most up to date methods and the best ecological solutions.

For more detailed information take a look at our FAQ’s link 

We have extensive commercial and industrial experience and unrivalled knowledge in the use of this technology, please do not hesitate to contact us, were happy to help with any questions you may have.

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