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Soda Blasting

Brick And Stone Cleaning – The Works Offices

Corus Steel works site had closed and a whole new programme was to commence to regenerate the site:

The Project

The internal building had suffered severe neglect over the years, Blaenau Gwent Council needed to restore the property to its former glory as a ‘Show Case’ for the new £350M redevelopment of the site. Welsh conservation authority Cadw granted the work on the listed structure with many restrictive practices in place to preserve the building.

The Task -soda blasting 

  • To clean all stone surface inside the building was mainly limestone
  • The clean all masonry brickwork was engineering face bricks
  • The remove all unwanted coatings and clean floor tiles had been covered in latex cement
  • The main terrazzo floor were in need of renovation
  • The ceilings had layers of old paint on them so soda blasting was used
  • To strip the oak doors had layers of varnish
  • The glazed wall tiles and grout were in need of cleaning to remove various coatings (bitumen, adhesives & rust marks)
  • The steel doors & the visual ceiling supports were covered in paint & rust residue

It was imperative that a dry solution was used for all internal work; one of the restrictions imposed by the architects … as the building fabric had suffered serious water ingress with the client spending several months & huge costs in drying out the structure.

The Result

Soda Blasting was used throughout the project as it was the only solution which covered all area of the cleaning and restoration project without using water or hazardous chemicals. The other major benefit in having one operation and only one company to deal with is that there was a lot less paper work for the client to deal with.

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