Fire And Flood Restoration

Soda blasting is now becoming the preferred method for fire and flood damaged properties. Why?…Because it saves both time and money by salvaging and deodorizing assets once deemed as total losses. And because it is one of the fastest processes for bringing the property back to habitable condition; no other method works as quickly as soda blasting or produces the effective results. It neutralises mold and algae after flooding as well as toxic pollutant residues left behind from fire damage. 

Fire and water can have a devastating effect on your business; at APT we operate a rapid response, 24 hour fire and flood restoration service to get you back into business or your property fast. We employ a specialised fire flood restoration team who are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment.

Fire damage stone cleaning Fire damage must be dealt with correctly to prevent further deterioration of your equipment and premises. Flood damage restoration needs to be carried out quickly as the water left after a flood can seriously harm the structure of the property.

We understand how distressing it can be for your house or business to be damaged by smoke and water and as part of the APT Group we can provide a complete fire and flood damage services and restoration service and disaster restoration for your property by:-

  • Removing & disposing of all damaged possessions
  • Restoring any fixtures where possible
  • Soda Blasting and deodorising the affected areas
  • Drying out property, dehumidifying
  • Cleaning, sanitising any objects deemed salvageable
  • Redecorating both inside & out
  • Reconstructing any part or whole part of your premises
  • Re-fitting offices

Our fire and flood damage services team work with major insurers, businesses and individuals. Unlike many fire and flood restoration companies we are happy to speak directly with your insurance company making the process as stress-free as possible for you. We are happy to visit your premises and provide a FREE on-site estimate, once instructed we can carry out a detailed survey to fully assess the situation. 

We operate a 24 hour rapid response service for fire, flood and storm damage restoration – our emergency call out no is 07976 290 233.

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